• TESS presents the classic black, green tea and elegant tea compositions, which harmoniously blend high quality tea leaves, fruit, berries, flower petals and fragrant herbs.
  • TESS collection is a brilliant example of centuries-old tea traditions, complemented with innovative style and inspiring improvisation in creation of tea compositions. Every TESS variety is a new interpretation of traditional drink, everyday small discoveries, which make you again and again admire the endless variety of tea.

  • Loose tea and tea bags
    • Sunrise
      Black Ceylon tea
    • Ceylon
      Black high grown tea
    • Majestic
      Breakfast black tea
    • Pleasure
      Black tea with rosehip, apple, flower petals and tropical fruit flavour
    • Orange
      Black tea with orange peel and flavour, apple, lemongrass and black currant leaf
    • Thyme
      Black tea with thyme and lemon peel
    • Goldberry
      Black tea with quince and seabuckthorn flavour
    • Style
      Green tea
    • Flirt
      Green tea with white peach flavour and strawberry
    • Lime
      Green tea with citrus peel and lime flavour
    • Flame
      Herbal infusion with strawberry and orange flavour
    • Cherry
      Herbal infusion with cherry and cinnamon flavour
    Loose leaf pyramids
    • Forest Dream
      Forest Dream
      Black tea with raspberry and blueberry flavour
    • Berry Bar
      Berry Bar
      Black tea with raspberry and rhubarb flavour
    • Caramel Charm
      Caramel Charm
      Black tea with caramel flavour
    • Earl Grey Secret
      Earl Grey Secret
      Black tea with bergamot and vanilla flavour
    • Limoncini Biscuit
      Limoncini Biscuit
      Black tea with lemon and macadamia flavour
    • Banana Split
      Banana Split
      Black tea with strawberry and banana flavour
    • Raspberry Fresh
      Raspberry Fresh
      Black tea with raspberry and lime flavour
    • Pina Colada
      Pina Colada
      Green tea with tropical fruit flavour
    • Strawberry Shake
      Strawberry Shake
      Green tea with strawberry and cream flavour
    • Ginger Mojito
      Ginger Mojito
      Green tea with mint and lime flavour
    • Cosmopolitan Party
      Cosmopolitan Party
      Herbal infusion with cranberry and grapefruit flavour
    • Summer Time
      Summer Time
      Herbal infusion with rosehip and strawberry
    • Tea Bag Collection
      Tea Bag Collection
      12 tastes, 60 individual foil sachets
    • Pyramid Collection
      Pyramid Collection
      9 tastes, 45 individual foil sachets
    • Loose Tea Collection
      Loose Tea Collection
      9 black and green teas
    TESS brand comprises a renewed collection of leaf tea in pyramid-bags
    TESS brand comprises a renewed collection of leaf tea in pyramid-bags
    TESS collection introduces Tess Majestic in November 2015
    TESS collection introduces Tess Majestic in November 2015
    New blends in the collection
    New blends in the collection
    New Tess image
    New Tess image
    Art of composition
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